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Paul is a Bay Area native and has been a personal trainer since 2006. He found his love for fitness at twelve years old, when his dad took him to a local gym for his first training session to kick off the next eight years of full contact football. He continued his football career at the junior college level, but had to take a break from collegiate sports due to an injury. 

He began his career in the fitness industry in the year 2000 while still in high school. After his first gym role of working the front desk, Paul realized that he wanted to help people improve their quality of life through professional fitness training. During his career, he's held many positions in the fitness industry from group instructor, assistant general manager, fitness director, and even the janitor! Since 2013, he left the commercial gym setting for independent training and hasn't stopped since. Paul seeks to build long-term trainer-client relationships for the motivated and the committed.


  • Weight loss

  • Muay Thai kickboxing

  • high intensity performance training

  • injury prevention

  • retired living fitness

Fitness Hobbies:

  • Trail running at Rancho San Antonio

  • Swimming at 24 Hour Fitness

  • Golf at Los Lobos

  • Urban Hiking in San Francisco

Martial Arts:

  • Muay Thai

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Dutch Kickboxing


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer Certification

  • TRX Suspension Training Course: Foundations, Sports Medicine and Injury Rehab, High Intensity Functional Training 


  • Fitness foundations

  • short term and long term fitness goals for quality of life

  • weight loss

  • mental health via healthy fitness habits and lifestyle

  • sports strength and conditioning

Fun Fact:

  • Played guitar in an Indie rock band in 2008 and played in Hollywood at the Viper room, formerly owned by Johnny Depp.